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Finding the Balance

Physical Security is made up of a vast number of services that should be tailored to meet the individual needs of the client, and be specifically chosen to mitigate risk and threat.

Even a non-exhaustive list of services can be quite extensive:

Static Security, Asset Protection, Corporate Concierge, Access Control, Crowd Control, Security Patrols, Armed Security, Cash Transit, Personal Protection, Security Drivers, Incident Response, Event Security……..

Some companies will offer all the services available in the market. These are typically larger companies with national coverage and a large pool of staff. Due to their higher volume, their prices will often be lower.

Other companies will offer specific services in a more specialised format and will likely charge a higher premium for their services.

So like most things, there are pros and cons. If you require a large number of guards across a large geographical area, then a National Provider will likely be a natural fit given they will almost guarantee guards attendance and the charge out rates will be reduced. It should be noted, however, that many of these companies sub-contract to smaller providers who might not have the same conditions as the host. It should also be noted that in many cases, staffing pools are so large that the companies have little knowledge of their staff, and recruitment is generalised.

Smaller companies, on the other hand, may not be able to provide the manpower coverage required to assure service at all times. They will likely also charge a higher rate for their services as they have less volume with which to make a profit. Having said that, they may be more dedicated to their clients and have a close relationship with clients and staff.

In many cases though, neither of these options will suit the complexities of a complete security program. In many cases, neither of these options will be able to adequately service client requirements. So rather than having to choose and worse yet, settle, it might be most appropriate to engage both options.

Where a suite of services are required on a large scale, low-risk services can be sourced from a provider that can assure a basic service each and every day. Clients can have confidence that their basic requirements are always met, and the overall costs can be kept to a minimum.

Where there are additional requirements for specialised services, rather than rely on a provider that does not have the experience or expertise, these services can be directed to a firm that is dedicated to niche products.

Empire Protection has had recent and significant success in serving our clients with projects that are beyond the capabilities of the standard provider. Working in with embedded security teams from large providers as well as internal security management, Empire Protection has had the ability to increase the capacity of clients security products.

Empire Protection can be engaged for short term projects where risks a temporarily increased, for specific services such as Close Protection for both short and long term tasks, and for major incident response.

Additionally, Empire Protection has a network of Security Management Personnel who can be contracted to form a middle management layer between clients and contractors. Empire Protection Security Managers can take the load off internal teams and ensure that the larger security contractors are providing the most effective and efficient services.

Rather than relying on a single provider, either big or small, consider layering your service provider to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate product at the most appropriate price.