Security Services

Industrial Dispute Support
Empire Protection operatives are highly experienced at working to support industrial disputes, and can provide protection for CEO’s, HR Teams and company representatives, as well as providing a strong security presence at locations affected by protest action. Empire Protection aims to work closely with both companies and unions to keep the peace and reduce Occupational Health and Safety risks during dispute action.
Corporate and VIP Event Protection (AGM’s, Red Carpet Events etc.)
Empire Protection can professionally secure high profile events, with our highly trained team onsite to ensure the smooth operation of any event.
High Risk Escort Services
Empire Protection will safely transport and safeguard valuable assets by providing expert security presence during transport, exhibition and storage.
Residential Security Details
Empire Protection can provide residential security teams for clients and their homes; exposed to threat. We provide 24/7 peace of mind that your family, and family home, are safe and secure. Security can also be provided for properties that are vacant.
High Value Asset Protection
Empire Protection can secure any asset in any location with a trained team dedicated to the protection of valuable assets and infrastructure.
Corporate Security Details
Empire Protection can support commercial and business operations with security operatives and concierge staff, who can assist with day-to-day facility and OHS management, in addition to securing the premises.
Entertainment Industry Protection
Empire Protection will supply operatives to secure public events, film sets, public appearances, studios and public displays. Our expert presence will aim to ensure that all client operations are conducted safely, and without interruption.
Back Stage Protection
Empire Protection Operatives will support large existing security teams at concerts, events, performances and shows by providing an expert team to secure the most sensitive locations.
Incident Response Teams
Empire Protection will provide operatives to limit the impact of incidents within a larger security operation. With our highly trained and experienced staff, incidents can be managed with maximum efficiency and minimum impact to the clients, the venue, staff and guests.