Close Personal Protection

Executive Protection Details
Worlds Best Practice protection and customer focused service for CEO’s and Directors, be it local tasks or international tours. Empire Protection will take care of all logistics, planning and execution to ensure a safe and smooth corporate operations for our clients.
Celebrity / Talent Protection Details
Empire Protection can support any event, tour, concert or performance by ensuring that clients are on time, safe and not unnecessarily impacted by crowds and unwanted attention. Our operatives specialise in managing high profile figures in public environments, and will assist in ensuring the desired public image of the client.
High Net Wealth Protection Details
Empire Protection provides a discreet and confidential service to mitigate threats that exist for high net wealth families.
Tactical Protection Driving Details
Empire Protection Operatives are all trained in the art of protection driving to ensure the safe and timely transportation of all clients in high and low risk environments. Empire Protection can also provide luxury vehicles at client discretion.
Crisis Response Teams
Empire Protection have teams ready to respond to live crisis incidents. When a client is under threat, our operatives will support them by securing their immediate safety, relocating them to a safer environment, and protecting them until the threat subsides. In this event, Empire Protection operatives will facilitate liaison with law enforcement as required.
Witness Protection Details
Empire Protection can support a client and their family through court matters including Fair Work matters, Family Court matters, Criminal and Civil matters. Our understanding Empire Protection Operatives can relieve some of the stress from the process by organising the little things with attention to detail, and providing peace of mind to clients.
Family Protection Details
Empire Protection can support families who are affected by general crime, domestic violence or who require security due to status or public image. Empire Protection has a deep understanding of the intricacies of working with families and children.
Guardian Angel Services
Empire Protection Operatives understand the importance of family security, and can support clients by chaperoning children; whether that be around the corner to school, or to the other side of the world. For families who cannot travel with children, Empire Protection can give you peace of mind that the child is safe and guarded throughout their travels. Empire Protection has a team of female operators who can be specifically requested if preferred.
Security Liaison
Security Liaison Teams are available to travel with larger groups and will manage the safety and security of the group using physical as well as technological methods. This service is perfect for travelling media, sporting teams and large corporations etc.
Travel Chaperones
Empire Protection can accompany a client on regional, interstate and international travels and ensure their safety and security in unfamiliar locations. Empire Protection has access to international threat assessment intelligence, allowing for personalised mitigation strategies to be activated and implemented accordingly.
International Client Liaison Service
Empire Protection can plan all logistical aspects of protection operations including providing advice and support to international protection teams visiting the region.
Dignitary Protection Details
Empire Protection have teams experienced in protecting Diplomats, Foreign Government Officials, Religious Leaders and Royalty. Operatives are specifically trained to work in the most elite environments, and will be the perfect link between foreign and local governments, and private bodies.
Protective Surveillance Details
Protective Surveillance Operatives and Teams can support a client with unseen / low impact operations, in order to provide comfort and security to a client knowing that a trained professional is always on hand.